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Welcome to the Shumate Woodworking web site. Thank you for your interest.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It can allow a very small business to appear to be anything it wants to be. We will not exercise the ability to deceive: Shumate Woodworking truly is a very small business. As such, we do not have the resources to absorb a great deal of warranty work; we have to sell quality products and perform quality services every time the first time. 

This avoidance of having warranty claims eliminates our offering low quality, and low cost, products. You can always find someone else who will do it cheaper, but being the cheapest game in town was never the goal. The goal is to be the good value supplier. We want to sell you the very best that we can for a fair price.





For comments, questions or problems with this website, please email: webmaster@shumatewoodworking.com